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Powerful signs of male attraction


When it comes to attraction, men often send subtle (or not-so-subtle) signals to the people they are interested in. Here are 25 powerful signs of male attraction:

  1. He makes frequent eye contact with you.
  2. He leans in towards you when you’re talking.
  3. He smiles a lot when he’s around you.
  4. He seems nervous or fidgety in your presence.
  5. He compliments you frequently.
  6. He asks you a lot of questions about yourself.
  7. He touches you frequently (e.g. puts his hand on your arm or shoulder).
  8. He laughs at your jokes (even when they’re not that funny).
  9. He initiates physical contact (e.g. hugs you).
  10. He finds excuses to be around you.
  11. He mirrors your body language (e.g. crosses his legs when you do).
  12. He gets jealous when you talk to other men.
  13. He remembers small details about your life and brings them up in conversation later.
  14. He talks to you differently than he talks to other people (e.g. more softly, more slowly).
  15. He seems genuinely interested in what you have to say.
  16. He makes an effort to look good when he knows he’ll be seeing you.
  17. He finds ways to be helpful to you (e.g. offers to carry your bags).
  18. He wants to spend time alone with you.
  19. He seems nervous or shy around you (even if he’s not usually that way).
  20. He tries to make you laugh.
  21. He compliments your appearance.
  22. He makes plans with you in advance.
  23. He tries to impress you (e.g. by showing off his skills or knowledge).
  24. He shows concern for your well-being.
  25. He talks about you to other people in a positive way.


While not every man will display all of these signs, they are common behaviors exhibited by men who are attracted to someone. It’s important to remember, however, that these signs should not be taken as guarantees or definitive proof of attraction – the best way to know if someone is interested in you is to communicate openly and honestly with them.

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